If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.

– Nelson Mandela

I would like to welcome you with a fully open heart
to my Meditation Sessions and Space of Wisdom.
I am going to support you, feel grounded and empowered,
build resilience to feel happier and stronger in these turbulent times.
Safe Place for Meditation (20 mins) plus Space of Wisdom (30 mins) for a total of 50 mins.


It was a real pleasure to have a “Living Mindfully” chat on Instagram  with  Cheeway on Monday.
I was very grateful for this chat that you can watch here.


Hello there! I’m Paola

I am a native Italian with professional competence in both French and English. As an adept linguist with an academic background in language-learning, I can naturally assess a client’s needs to create a tailored coaching program to meet their requirements in a manner that is both productive and engaging.

Specialising as a Neurolanguage Coach®, my approach is aimed at ensuring that my clients achieve their goals in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible. I have worked with international organisations for over ten years using my proven technique, developed during my years teaching French, Italian, and English at all levels.
My corporate clients have included prestigious companies such as Mulberry, Daks, Westfield, Crossrail and JLT.

With strong interpersonal skills, natural charisma, and an abiding passion for language coaching, you can look forward to an effective, results-oriented program for your language learning with one of the the select few DISC-accredited badge holders.

Q: What does ‘language’ mean to you?
Paola: Language is one of the best ways to express ourselves. I really love communication. It can be truly meaningful and can also have a huge impact on our reactions and emotions in the interactions. I have always been passionate about learning foreign languages.

Join my meditation sessions on Zoom every Monday at 8.10pm
through Pilates with Lucy‘s website

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