A Little Gem in Soho

How nice to discover William Curley’s little gem in Soho a couple of weeks ago (currently closed due to lockdown restrictions). Great to
see him doing so well with his amazing patisserie créations (16 years of success!!) . Really brought me back in time. I really enjoyed preparing him for his French speech for Relais Desserts and translating the foreword by Pierre Hermé back in 2012.
Pretty emotional and really honored.

William’s feedback:
“Paola Francesi is one of the best French tutors in town, during my preparation to join Relais Desserts International in France. she was fantastic in understanding my needs to prepare myself for my presentation and quickly got me to a level to understand basic French.
She also offers a great insight to French culture which has helped me enormously both on my business trips to France and holidays.
Paola has on numerous occasions translated various works for me, including parts of my book Patisserie”

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