Proud to be a Neurolanguage Coach®

Really honoured and proud to be a Neurolanguage Coach®
Thank you Rachel Marie Paling.
I really miss face to face sessions.

Testimonial from the client (Avril Rayner, in the picture):
“Paola has been my 1:1 teacher for over 5 years. She has supported my language learning with well prepared and thorough lessons but I think her skills have further enhanced. through the training she has undergone on Neurolanguage Coaching ®
Now the sessions are based on my interests and my needs as I see them which makes me feel a much more active participant in my learning. Paola assumes a role of a guide rather than an instructor to support me on my language learning.
Coming from a background in education I appreciate this holistic approach.
Paola’s support and encouragement make me feel courageous in my language learning”
I believe languages are a great asset, being a massive language lover. I made my dream of living and working in London come true. My commitment to help clients achieve a peak performance in a supportive and non judgmental manner is key. Online solutions are possible, too.

The picture is a memory and was also part of a collage presented at Reimagine Education Conference where ELC was awarded a bronze medal.

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