“Courage to leap”

Webinar : “Courage to leap” hosted by ERIC FRANCIS MANU with Max Comuzzi – Life & Business Coaching

Part of the series “Step out of your comfort zone and fear to create your reality”.
A coach supports you to go from your comfort zone to your “higher zone” The ethimolgy of “Courage” is linked to the heart (being the root word “cor”, Latin for “heart”.
The original meaning was “To speak one’s mind by telling all one’s heart”.

Fundamental to connect and listen to it for make brave decisions in life.
Just a few of the several take away for growth and action :
– A bit of embodiment : “where do you feel this emotion?”.
– Embrace “no”. “What are you going to say no today?”
– Find and accountability partner
– Accept feedback constructively

Thank you for the wonderful energies and inspiration

Neurolanguage Coaching® is a non directive process and supports coachees to express themselves with their open heart, be brave in their learning and create the results they want.

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