My interview with the OG magazine

I have been travelling by Overground over the past three years and recently, I have been commuting regularly to Whitechapel to see a client. I am supporting him to achieve his linguistic goals with Italian.

One day, on my way back home after the session, I was approached by Ioanna and Olivia. They are two very talented ladies studying journalism at Goldsmith University. An interview with some Overgrounders was assigned to them. It was a real pleasure to answer their questions on the Overground while coming back.

March time was the very start of Covid and I was still travelling to see my clients until lockdown started. Changes were just about to happen and the atmosphere was getting very different.

It was a nice conversation on the trip to my Overground station. It really felt like a nice chat in great company.

Best of luck with your assignment Ioanna and Olivia! I look forward to sharing more details about the section.

Watch the space

Link below to enjoy the full interview to get to know more about me and a few secrets :

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