Meditation 30/11/20

Scenic Stock photos by Vecteezy

Pilates with Lucy evening meditation and On Demand Studio for members.

“With our thoughts we make the world”
– Buddha

I moved to London in 2008.
I started to meditate back then to reconnect with my spiritual and introspective side and face the daily stress in the city.

It has been a challenging time and in 2018 I was diagnosed with a paroxysmal benign vertigo. I was unwell for six months. During that time I discovered and explored mindfulness meditation with Dr Rick Hanson. I felt it was calming and really supported to me to fully enjoy the present moment.

Mindfulness has been ever since then my shelter and refuge.

Over lockdown I decided to complete some new qualifications for Mindfulness. I started to guide meditations for the members of my Pilates group at Pilates with Lucy back in August 2020 in the midst of these unprecedented times. They are also uploaded on the On Demand section for members to catch up on in their own time.

They are short and easy. They involve some body scan (a chance to give attention to any sensations and pain, simply enjoy landing in the present) and the three breaths (full cycles of inhaling and exhaling at a natural pace). We usually focus on loving kindness, letting go, acceptance. This boosts the traits and helps consolidate them. Placing the hand on the heart can feel very calming, too. The experience is quite deep and transformative.

The actual meditation runs for 15 mins. Hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt that you can listen to any time you feel like you can benefit from having a break, reconnecting with yourself and feel calmer.

A great gift to yourself. Some self-care.

You are peace. You are love!

Happy meditation

Hope you enjoy exploring the section of my meditation session on the youtube channel.

Join a free taster Pilates class and enjoy my meditation sessions

“You should be really proud of yourself! Your sessions get better and better every time we do it! After a session I experience a feeling of relaxation and I am able to enjoy the “here and now”  regardless of what is going on out there. Truly love it!”

Feedback from a member of Pilates with Lucy 

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