My journey with Pilates and Meditation

As a freelance Neurolanguage Coach®, I used to travel quite extensively on both the tube and the Overground transport to go and see clients, carry materials around before the pandemic happened. In addition to that, I had a serious car crash years ago. In summary, I was totally neglecting myself until I really started to feel some postural imbalance, pain and discomfort in my body. After a consultation with a medical expert (who had been recommended to me by a medical professional at the EMA, my client in London at the time), I was advised to work on both my core strength muscles and balance.
Back in Jan 2019, I was browsing for potential solutions. I then came across some Pilates classes with Lucy in my area (“Melanie Christou Pilates” back then – Lucy was one of the teachers).

On Jan 9th, I had my first taster session with Melanie. It really feels like yesterday.

Here is the confirmation email including some nice feedback for Lucy:

We’re really looking forward to welcome you for your free Pilates class tomorrow.
Here’s a quick reminder of the session details:
9th January 2019 – 19:00
Dockland Settlements Centre, 400 Salter Road SE16 5AA
55 minutes

Here you can also find a feedback I’ve received from a client the evening after attending their taster session with Lucy:

<<Good evening Melanie,
Thanks so much for your follow-up email, and more importantly for the opportunity to come along to the taster Pilates session this evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it, the instructor couldn’t have been better, and she really took into consideration that I am a total novice.
It was a fantastic work out, and the endorphin rush afterwards was incredible! My posture has already improved substantially after just one session, and I look forwards to working on this and other aspects of my core and frame in the future! I shall be signing up for the maintenance programme.

I also decided to sign for Maintenance plan I had a chance to be in touch with Lucy via email as she was looking after the communication with members.

Depending on my schedule, I used to attend the sessions at the Docklands Settlement Centre, Finnish Church and Dance Research Studio in Haggerston. However, I mostly attended the classes on Fridays (I love the Friday feeling when I can take some time off in the morning) with Lucy.
I felt the shift after a very short time and I never looked back since then.

Last year in January, Lucy took over the business (now “Pilates with Lucy”), covid started shortly after and she outstandingly took the bull by the horns. The sessions were moved online and never stopped since that time.

I highly recommend Lucy. I am really and truly grateful for all the Pilates work with her. I feel my posture is better. I walk taller and I feel less pain in general. I have been observing this even more recently (and being commented on by others noticing). It makes a real difference. As previously mentioned, during the pandemic she did an amazing job moving the classes online (a couple of friends of mine living in different areas joined them, are grateful and enjoying them, too). It is a great chance to see others, feel a sense of community and socialise in these unprecedented times. As lockdown started, Lucy also began to offer some mindfulness sessions with Eloise (a teacher who used to live in London then moved to Australia) for members. It was on Tuesdays at 8 am.
Interestingly, during that time, people started to comment on my voice being particularly calming and soothing (this even dates back to my time at University.

Just to provide some background, I started to meditate back in 2008 (as I moved to London) and discovered the Awake network (a community gathering online global experts, organising meaningful events) and Mindfulness meditation (one of the guests of the online meditations was Dr. Rick Hanson) when I was diagnosed with a paroxysmal benign vertigo in 2018.
Last year I took a chance to study and become a certified Mindfulness practitioner. At the end of summer there was a chance to be the meditation teacher for the sessions with the members at Pilates with Lucy.

I realise more and more how key it is to show kindness and self-compassion to yourself, boost your confidence and immune system, create the life that you want.
It is now the beginning of 2021 and life is very different (over one year since COVID started). Everything has been happening online for all this time and the future is very uncertain.

My meditation sessions are on Monday evenings at 810 pm.
Here is some feedback from a member:
“You should be really proud of yourself! Your sessions get better and better every time we do it. After a session I experience a feeling of relaxation and I am able to enjoy the “here and now” regardless of what’s going on out there”.

Finally, it was very touching for me to find out that Lucy is the granddaughter of the actor David Tomlison who played the role of George Banks in “Mary Poppins”. I used to watch it as a child at Christmas time when I was at middle school (during my English class, in its original language, with English subtitles).

“Coincidences give you opportunities to look more deeply into your existence” – Doug Dillon

Lockdown again. Take action this week.

Book a free taster class, like I did on:
Memberships include videos on On Demand Studio (where you can find previous live classes suiting your needs. shorter clips, Pila-tips, among others) and my meditation sessions on Mondays at 8.10pm (that you can also catch up on the ODS)

“Lucy truly is one of the best Pilates instructors I’ve come across. In 6 months, my body is noticeably stronger – I couldn’t hold a 30 second plank when I started and now I’m not even blinking at the challenge! Do yourself and your body the favour and invest in a Pilates class that will change your life!”

— Maggie

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