“Innsæi – The power of intuition”.

A real uplifting documentary. Must see.

I came across the documentary “Innsæi, the power of intuition” a couple of weeks ago on Amazon Prime and I felt it was really gripping.  It dates back to 2018 and it feels very current with the pandemic situation we are facing. I watched it twice as it is very dense with content. It is highly educational and it stirs the mind.

First of all, as a language lover, I am very interested in the multiple meanings of the word itself.

Its first meaning is: “the sea within” which represents the unlimited and unexplored nature of our inner self, a whole world of ever changing feelings, emotions.  The second meaning is: “to see within”, to get to know yourself and use your empathy to understand others. Lastly, it means “see from the inside out”, build stronger resilience to navigate turbulent times.

It is incredibly inspirational, original,   thought provoking. It starts with a real story of burn out. The main character is an Icelandic lady who thought of having achieved her dream working for the UN, setting herself on a real mission. At some point she realises how much she was neglecting herself and concentrated on her performance at work rather than on her own emotions and self-care. It develops to offer suggestions to reconnect with our inner power. It is a fascinating exploration of human awareness and inner discovery.

Some world renowned world leading scientists discuss the concept of the word throughout the documentary. Marti Spiegelman, for instance, is a neuroscientist who believes that we are not unlocking our full potential and merely exist in most parts of our life. There are some very relevant sections for reflection and very interesting hints for reconnecting to the self and understanding about it more in depth.

In addition to that, the artist Marina Abramović sits in the MoMA atrium as part of a performance piece “Measuring the Magic of Mutual Gaze”. She seems to have exceptionally higher frequency brain waves. The moment where she is the museum with queues of visitors waiting to seat in front of her is truly moving. A rhythmic pattern of breathing seems to boost connection. It really also seems that we need that direct experience with each other.

Finally, there is the part related to some fantastic British school children that study within the project Mind Up to learn how to better cope with the stress of the current world scenario. They tap into their own intuition using some mindfulness.

Thoughts, emotions and body are interconnected. In Mindfulness, awareness is the key to respond to the vicious circle of negative thoughts.  Being aware means create some spaciousness between us and our thoughts, emotions, pain in the body. We become the observers of our own reality and we can access the power of intuition instantly to make better decisions and be more fulfilled.  

“Intuition binds us together. Without it we lose our sense of intuition and belonging” – Malidoma Somé.

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