IGTV Mindful March – Mindful Intuition hosted by Darcy with Amber, Founder of Find your fe

Darcy: @ yinlife_
Amber: @find.your.fe

It is Easter weekend and we are finally starting to enjoy some freedom, some brighter days. This IGTV I watched last Sunday is truly inspirational. I am extremely keen to share this concept which is very powerful. A great finale to Mindful March series hosted by Darcy.  It was just at the right time for me for some reflection and learn new strategies to connect with our inner divine and intuition.  I started to suffer from back pain right that day. What was shared in this IGVT definitely resonated with me. Last but not least, indeed, as Darcy suggested.

I have always personally felt I am somebody who has a strong inclination to intuition. This has been confirmed several times by those who know me well. My life coach Max felt that is a strength of mine. However, there has been times where I felt quite disconnected to my feminine energy. I in fact worked in the City, in big institutions, as a freelance language trainer, for the Italian language. The City could be a real cut throat environment and the pace is non-stop. I felt I was quite significantly missing my creative part and lost touch with my deepest self. The reconnection with it gradually started last year over lockdown when I began to explore Mindfulness and became a practitioner.

We were all adjusting to the clock change that happened just that weekend.  Enjoying a brighter day. Darcy and Amber connected via instagram, through mutual friends and they went to the same university, at different times. They both have a very strong creative side.  There was in fact some fantastic synergy in the video.

Tapping into our own intuition, following our inner voice is very key for better decisions and to be happier.  Amber’s brand “Fe”, is all about a special space and the use of art to connect to ourselves. “Fe” (conceived as tapping into the feminine qi)   is a creation that originated from and a deep experience where she was inspired by the strategies she learnt. Amber was in fact an Art Director in advertising in a big corporate company. As an ambitious individual, she was determined to move up. Everything seemed to be leading to success. She was meeting all the requirements in order to achieve those goals while she experienced disconnection to mind and body, general body numbness.  That caused some frustration.

The Divine Feminine was quite revelatory in the journey, getting more insights into the two energies within us.  This matches well with ying and yiang Darcy works with. This polarity is very organic.  A lot of women, like me, can get into this spiral of getting things done, focus on tasks, and feel the drive to pursue their ambition.  This inspired The Wild Woman Card, associated with the reflective side and intuition, connecting with nature. It can be uncontrolled at times.  This disconnection can trigger burn out and be extremely detrimental in the long haul.  Her mission is to show intuition is extremely effective in life. There is in fact no need to compromise, rather keep these parts together, harmoniously.  The women archetypes helped Amber.   Conscious creativity, rather than creating for others and following specific targets. Writing can be beneficial, too (Darcy loves journaling in the morning) Connecting back to her body and authentic, organic movement in life were key.  Flowing and feel what the body needs. Following the stiffness, if that occurs.  The end result is to be in tune with our own body (for instance, flow in the body even ordinary tasks, like the hovering.)

The Wild Woman Card, (part of a set) which was the result of all this, is part of a practice that Amber found extremely beneficial.  There was a different reason why Amber used to hold herself to account, achieve her goals. It was not being in the being, not finding purpose from that space.

The Inner Fire card, symbol of connecting with our intuition was the one used during the practice in the IGTV.  It is a big part in life decisions. It makes us listen to the answers, help us connect with our bodies.

A Mindfulnesss exercise followed. We explored a path for the journey, starting from asking one question related to something in our mind.

What would we ask our intuition? (a candle lit as we did it- the reason for that is the entire principle that our fire is following. When burning out, we disconnect from the inner fire).

We just need to pay attention to our intuition (which seems an unvalued opportunity). Another example could be saying yes but actually mean to say no (in other words, “I should but I do not want to”).  

Here is a transcription of the exercise:

“Pay attention to the flame, and notice how it flickers, the colours, take some gentle breaths. And notice the stillness and the warmth from the flame, how each flame is unique.  And, just enjoy being present, with that flame that dances that flickers. Settle into your space and I invite you to now put your candle on the one side (in this space where you would shut your eyes, and it would be safe), and I will take you through this be guided meditation.  I will put some music to bring us back into our bodies.

So, if you would like to close your eyes (music starts), and. take a few more gentle deep breaths, in and out.  
Really notice that stillness that looking at the flame gave you, the simplicity of it.

I’d like you to place your both hands underneath your belly button now, and as you breathe, imagine, a flickering small flame inside you, just below the belly button and with each breath this flame flickers and starts to grow.  Imagine a question and whatever your wrote on that piece of paper, imagine folding it, and throwing  it onto the flame watch that flame grow into a fire and glow through your body Let the warmth radiate and glow. Imagine it rising up, inside you, maybe it is tingling your fingertips, your toes and chest. Pay attention to the fire now.  What colour is the fire? It is oranges, blues, this fire is your intuition.  Sit with it and let the heat comfort you, turn your attention  and know that this inner fire which is your intuition has received a question, notice if the fire crackles and grows or dims, in response to your question, notice if there are any parts of your body, that have any sensations, any feelings. Whether you feel warmth or cool. And notice any words that randomly pop into your mind. It might not make sense right now or it could be complete sentences, let the hints of these words, these colours light you up from within. Take the next few moments to really listen and tune into your intuition, into your body and trust that dear, answers are within you, if you look long enough, if you are patient, if you trust,.  And if it is not clear, it may be because this inner fire, this intuition has not been lit for a while.  And the more we turn to the fire, the clearer these answers will be. Get comfortable with the stillness, the warmth, like in a line feel comforted by it, feel the power of it, and thank it, for giving you a hint, or helping you to find answers. Take another deep breath now and feel the sensations radiate through your body. How does that feel? And remember that this fire of this intuition is within you at all times. You just need to take and turn your attention inwards and listen out for those answers. We just need to take the moment to turn our attention inwards. So take another gentle breath into the nose and out through the mouth. 

It is a good time to write down anything that comes up. It is ideal also for a pure reconnection with the body, which has a lot of wisdom in it.

Authenticity and keep being genuine and aligned are highly recommended by Amber.

It was a wonderful, deep practice practice.  Thank you Darcy and Amber!

It is possible to join Amber on Instagram for some free flow writing,
Mon, Wed and Fri at 8 am –   8 minutes.

Amber’s website https://www.findyourfe.com/    (where it is also possible to connect the FE Collective, find the handcrafted cards above mentioned).

Some great suggestions about books came up, among which “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron.

Link to the IGTV https://www.instagram.com/p/CM-Q3O3nack/

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