EFT Tapping: Imposter syndrome.

IGTV with Santa @baltichealing and Amber @findyourfe

This week I was particularly inspired by the EFT tapping technique (i.e. Emotional Freedom Technique) I came across in the IGTV I am going to share about. I previously wrote about Amber and her fantastic technique of reconnecting to our inner intuition (very exciting that she has some new cards due to arrive soon which might be nice to check out https://www.findyourfe.com/ ). In this occasion, she was a guest, working on some EFT tapping with Santa. The impostor syndrome, namely the constant feeling of not believing that success is deserved as a result of hard work and efforts, but rather happening randomly, can be quite common. This certainly resonates with me. At the time of my training in London, the idea of the role of the teacher resource was truly daunting. For this reason, I have always felt that being teachable and open minded was the best way forward. It feels that it is quite a common situation to be in, for instance when being a freelancer. As Amber suggests, in fact, especially when launching a new business, you can really feel the responsibility of wearing all the hats.  It can be quite challenging to cope with. It is interesting that in Estonia you can open a specific bank account and assess the accounts directly. In the UK it is easy to register as self-employed but the Tax Return documents themselves can be sometimes difficult to submit.

As a background, Santa is a qualified level 2 Reiki healer (studying both Usui Shiki Ryhao and Usui Reiki Ryoho, which originate from Mikao Usui. She is Estonian-Latvian and lived in London for 8 years where she explored a variety of holistic healthcare options. More info can be found on her website www.baltichealingcom.

The technique used on the IGTV, as previously mentioned, EFT, or tapping, is entirely about tapping, indeed, various key parts of the body. The process can be compared with the image of a tube (with starting and ending points), which is going to be shaken and every peculiar energy block is going to be released. It is quite similar to acupuncture in the way it works. It also stems from Chinese medicine. There are several techniques. In the video, the work will focus on 8 parts of the body. At the very core of the process there is tapping of negative emotions first, in order to process them. Consequently, tapping on the positive ones. Positive affirmations are quite relatable to this. Failing to believe who we really are, won’t make us investigate, process and nurture them. Everything needs to be dissolved and cleared out prior to the start of the actual “tapping”. It is advisable to drink water after it, as energy will be running all over the body.

After closing the eyes, Amber followed Santa’s words which I am going to transcribe:

The points are the following (as shown in the image, too): top of the head, eyes, next to eye brows, underneath the eyes, under the nose, the little chin temple, underneath the collar bone, under the arm, the karate chop. Sometimes there is some tapping of the pulses. There is one standard structure to pick emotions on.

Starting from a chakra point of the hands, 3 times affirmations (to activate it) and connecting with the feeling.

A score can be also chosen: 0 to 10 imposter (close to a nervous breakdown on the higher one) and then assess the decrease.

“Even though I feel like an imposter, I deeply and completely love and accept myself” (3 times while tapping the karate chop).

“I feel like I am about to be exposed and somebody will pull me out on my inexperience” (3 times while tapping on the top of the head).

“I feel like a fraud, I feel like such a fraud” (between the eyes 3 times).

 “I feel like somebody will find me out and report me to my followers and to the public” (next to the eyebrows 3 times).

“I feel like I am not qualified or experienced enough in my field” (under the eyes 3 times).

“I don’t feel like I have enough to be successful” (underneath the nose 3 times).  

“I feel like I am lying to people and selling something I am not good at and certainly not something I understand myself “ (underneath the chin, 3 times).

“I feel like others are so ahead of me and certainly are much better than I am” (under the collar bone,  3 times)

“Nobody understands what I am trying to achieve or do. Sometimes I even question this myself” (under the arm 3 times)

“I feel like an intruder in my chosen field” (top of the head 3 times)

“I feel like I do not belong there and I am trying so hard to fit in with the rest of them “(in between the eyes 3 times).

“I feel like my business is not going to make as much as the others will” (next to the eyes 3 times).

“I feel like I cannot handle my finances and I have to fake my knowledge “(underneath the eyes 3 times).

“I only get through by damn luck I actually do not know anything about what I am doing” (underneath the nose 3 times).

I don’t actually deserve anything I did because I happen fake it all the entire time (underneath the chin 3 times).

“The smallest mistake or setback makes me question everything I am, everything I know and everything I do” (under the collar bone 3 times).    

“I am feeling fear paranoia and anxiety in my body “(underneath the arm 3 times).

Positive ones:

“I have ideas that I make happen and they are successful” (top of the head 3 times).

“I have an audience that truly get me and that are truly engaged with my message and my purpose” (in between the eyes 3 times).

“I leap to my dreams and know that I am fully supported” (next to the eyes 3 times).

“I am strong, powerful, and self-worth business woman” (underneath the eyes 3 times).

“I have enough qualifications and I understand that learning is an ongoing process that is rewarding” (Underneath the nose 3 times).

“It’s all right to ask for help and reach out to others in the moment of need”    (underneath the chin 3 times).

“I am in the exact right place where I am supposed to be” (under the collar bone 3 times).

“People celebrate my success because they see I am excellent at what I do” (under the arm 3 times).

“I take well thought steps and thoughts towards my goals. It is not just luck. It is my own strategy (top of the head 3 times).

“I deserve to celebrate any piece of success that come my way as I made it happen through my knowledge and expertise” (in between the eyes 3 times)

“I feel accepted and welcome by the community and similar businesses” (next to the eyes 3 times)

“I feel strong and confident in my mind, body and soul” (under the eyes 3 times)

“I see rejections as learning curves and gain new knowledge every time I come over them” (under the nose 3 times).

“I acknowledge that I am allowed not to have it together all the time and that does not decrease my value” (on the chin temple 3 times).

“I acknowledge and I accept that I do not need to do everything myself asking for help is always welcome” (under the collar bone 3 times).

“I feel very much at peace” (under the bra three times).

Wrap, tight the wrist and take a deep breath as an end point to the process.

Enjoy watching the IGTV:

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