Questions and Answers with Francesca

I was truly thrilled when Francesca reached out to ask to work together during lockdown.
Francesca and I went to the same school in Italy. It was right at that time when I dreamt about London.  She works for a communication company in the tourism industry in Millan and deals with the promotion of international hotels in Italy. I remember vividly spotting a post about California on Facebook and commenting on it. Francesca replied in a private message enquiring about some English sessions. And so, the journey started….  Another dream client. I am very grateful for her time answering some questions and answers and her feedback.

1) When did your journey start? What was the reason for learning English at the time? Is it the same reason now? Has it changed? Why are you learning English? What is your ultimate goal? Due to Covid and the various lockdowns, I was forced to stay at home. I had a lot of free time and I decided to invest in some new skills and knowledge, practicing the English language that I had studied in high school. English is very important to my work, but previously I had never had enough time to focus on this subject. So I said to myself, if not now, when?

2) How are you finding the process? The process was tailored to my needs, knowledge level, work needs, and allowed me to overcome some limitations and difficulties quickly and easily. Study and practice of course never end, but Paola gave me the right tools to continue to commit to it myself.

3) How do you keep motivated? I did weekly conversation lessons with Paola for different months and following her suggestions, I started to understand the language more. Now, I am able to converse easily and in a satisfying manner with foreign friends and colleagues. This is fundamental for me.

4) What is the most enjoyable part of working with me? Paola connects with you and makes you feel at ease instantly.  Conversing with her is pleasant. She worked on my business interests to help me achieve my goal more. She is a positive person who gives you courage and desire to achieve your goals! Supporting my business needs also in terms of vocabulary, Paola personalized our sessions. I very much appreciated her suggestion to watch the “Hotel Inspector”, videos to improve my words and to listen to topics that are very useful to me in the workplace. Listening to known topics allowed me to follow better refining my listening skills. 

5) In what way Neurolanguage Coaching® is different? I had never heard of Neurolanguage Coaching® before. I feel it helps Paola to understand people and their needs to create a study path together.

6) What tips would you give to someone studying the language? I would not give any advice, but only tell my experience. Studying a language opens the mind! It opens you to a whole new world! It takes practice, will power and courage. Nowadays it is also much easier thanks to films and music in the original language, which, if supported by a good grammar base, makes studying enjoyable.

7) Would you like to share some successful moments in the learning process? I feel happy when I have a successful business conversation. Maybe my grammar and pronunciation are not perfect. However, understanding what others are saying to me, is really satisfying. It’s also nice to listen to a song or movie in the language and understand the dialogues and the lyrics.

8) Have you ever thought about giving up? What motivated you to carry on? No, I’m not someone who gives up very easily. There are moments where I maybe slow down the study for a while, but Paola has always given me good support and the tools to get results.

9) What would you advise to someone visiting my website? Why would they choose to work with me? I have known Paola since the school time in Italy. She is a lovely and professionally competent person. She has always loved foreign languages and has successfully achieved her goals. She is the right person to accompany others on this journey.

10) Any particular resources you would like to share that you found useful? What is your learning preference?  Are you more visual or auditory? A mix? Definitely a mixture of both, visual and auditory. The music or radio programs and films bring you inside the language.  And then practice, talk, talk and talk! Paola accompanied me for a period supporting my English practice and providing me with various study tools. Through her online lessons I have become more confident with the language. I have appreciated her holistic approach thanks to Neurolanguage Coaching®.   

“I decided to start some private sessions with Paola to be more confident with the language. I have personally felt her support to improve my English through her online sessions on Zoom was particularly effective and beneficial. They were bespoke and superbly tailored to suit my needs. She is a good language coach, she has well motivated myself to achieve my goals improving my skills. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn a new language”.

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