Neurolanguage Coaching®

I offer language coaching sessions, either in small groups or on a one-to-one basis, depending on your needs and tailor-made to your field of expertise

I offer eLearning sessions to Italian professionals wishing to improve their English and explore better career opportunities

I practise the most modern, innovative, and highly efficient Language Coaching methodology in use today.

Why Neurolanguage Coaching®?

  • Neurolanguage Coaching® is non-directive / non prescriptive  it is based on brain friendly process of discovery of the language in a fully learner cantered process
  • It boosts communication in an era where we learn in a different way and concentrates on the client’s preferred style.
  • Neurolanguage Coaching® helps to understand the brain and how it can achieve peak performance by keeping the triggers quiet (usually related to embarrassment / shame / labelling)
  • It brings structure, coaching principles into the learning process, goals, motivation, action (coach / coachee interaction)
  • It is faster and effective learning process due to a different dynamic aimed at empowering and enhancing confidence
  • The learning happens in a bespoke,  tailor made manner and facilitates the stimulation of language learning for autonomous learners.

Why me? In all this we are all unique (like you learners are):

My approach is based on empathy, deep understanding, active listening, kindness, open mindedness, full presence and awareness.
I bring my heart and care in the process.

Neurolanguage Coaching® is a Registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling. Method and approach
created by Rachel Marie Paling.

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