Am I doing or am I being?

When we embrace Mindfulness and practice it, we immediately access the door of the “being mode” with both our attention and awareness. It is a real transition and we shift from “doing” to “being” afterwards. What does that mean concretely? There are seven mental aspects that characterise “doing” as opposed to “being”: Automatic pilot (aContinue reading “Am I doing or am I being?”

Some effective and fun Mindfulness activities for children and teens

Children and teenagers are constantly exposed to lots of stimuli and pressure, especially during their time at school. At this moment of lockdown, in particular, they spend more time at home and learning online. In addition to that, they are facing the uncertainty of these turbulent times. They can be challenged in a creative andContinue reading “Some effective and fun Mindfulness activities for children and teens”

French and Italian are two very similar languages

French and Italian are very similar as they belong to the group of romance languages. Yet they still have some differences. That makes it interesting for learners to explore. Hence the question: is it so easy for French learners to acquire linguistic Italian skills.

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Meditation 30/11/20

Pilates with Lucy evening meditation and On Demand Studio for members. “With our thoughts we make the world” – Buddha I moved to London in 2008. I started to meditate back then to reconnect with my spiritual and introspective side and face the daily stress in the city. It has been a challenging time andContinue reading “Meditation 30/11/20”

My talk about Support at the Coaching&Cava event in December 2018

“I was absolutely thrilled to be at the Coaching&Cava event 6, during a festive, celebratory atmosphere leading up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Time for nice plans and resolutions!” Gosh……  time does fly and Coaching&Cava,  an event organised  by Hannah (it was her idea to call the event Coaching&Cava), Ola (very experienced in workingContinue reading “My talk about Support at the Coaching&Cava event in December 2018”

Don’t forget to breathe!

Great reminder from my amazing Pilates teacher Lucy during the classes! “This is life, one breath at the time” Sharon Salzberg.Breathing is a very basic and essential function of the body. Yet much neglected. The 3 minute Breathing Space is a very popular practice developed by Mark Williams, John Teasdale and Zindal Zegalis (founders ofContinue reading “Don’t forget to breathe!”

3 fundamental mindsets to avoid “isolearning”

I was watching a video by a famous coach (so much inspiration by coaches from other industries!). I keep looking at ways to improve and work on my own self-development.If the title caught your attention, it means that you are willing to elevate your language learning and avoid “isolearning” (which might make the current self-isolationContinue reading “3 fundamental mindsets to avoid “isolearning””

“Courage to leap”

Webinar : “Courage to leap” hosted by ERIC FRANCIS MANU with Max Comuzzi – Life & Business Coaching Part of the series “Step out of your comfort zone and fear to create your reality”.A coach supports you to go from your comfort zone to your “higher zone” The ethimolgy of “Courage” is linked to theContinue reading ““Courage to leap””

La Belle Aurore

Feeling grateful for a wonderful and meaningful session last week where I was goingthrough the ingredients of the poetic pain en croute oreiller de la Belle Aurore in Italian. Really enjoying being a Neurolanguage Coach®Helping clients to cover what they really enjoy in a fast, empowering, brain friendly manner. Thank you Rachel Paling.

A Little Gem in Soho

How nice to discover William Curley’s little gem in Soho a couple of weeks ago (currently closed due to lockdown restrictions). Great tosee him doing so well with his amazing patisserie créations (16 years of success!!) . Really brought me back in time. I really enjoyed preparing him for his French speech for Relais DessertsContinue reading “A Little Gem in Soho”

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