Welcome Back Home

Meditation & Space of Wisdom

I would like to welcome you with a fully open heart
to my Meditation Sessions and Space of Wisdom.
I am going to support you, feel grounded and empowered,
build resilience to feel happier and stronger in these turbulent times.

Safe Place for Meditation (20 mins) plus Space of Wisdom (30 mins) for a total of 50 mins.

Sessions on Zoom or Microsoft Teams – Groups of 6-8 people max

Available times (to start with):
Mondays, 7pm
Wednesdays, 7pm

The program will begin on Monday the 15th of February.
For a limited time only*, I offer a 15 min free call for extra support and coaching
for Mindfulness to check your progress, answer any specific questions
(slots available from Monday to Friday 8.30-9.30 am

*until the end of March.

This program is ideal for those who

  • Struggle with multitasking and do not really tend to have breaks due to their busy lives, wish to take some time for themselves and their self –care.
  • Wish to embrace the journey Mindfulness for some stress reduction in their everyday life (be happier parents, partners, etc) .
  • Are curious about an exploratory journey of the self and embrace the experience with openness, enjoy a sense of community and support within the environment of Mindfulness.

No medical responsibility, no therapy and no counselling during these sessions 

Who is Paola?

Paola, originally from Italy, has a solid background in language training and uses a holistic approach.
She loves studying about the brain and is constantly looking at new ways of developing both personally and professionally.
Her qualifications include: Neurolanguage Coaching® (concept founded by Rachel Paling) and several CPD accreditations (Leadership, Decision Making, Healthy Brain Habits, after attending workshops run by TEDx speaker Gabija Toleikyte).
Paola strongly believes in the power of support and kindness to lead happier lives and pursue success.
Finally, Paola started to meditate back in 2008, she explored Mindfulness Meditation while she had benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in 2018 and recently became a Mindfulness Coach. In her coaching, she is committed to help unleash full potential, explore the power of “here and now” to experience dramatic changes in a brain friendly, non-judgemental manner.

“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness” Sakyong Mipham.

Paola’s meditations are short.

They will support you build resilience over these unprecedented times, lasting happiness, among other health benefits proven by science.  Various techniques will be covered, involving exploring the heart space and heart opening, including kindfulness, loving kindness in the visual setting of nature to facilitate a visual connection with it.  A mind-set of trusting, believing and allowing will be created and you will feel grounded in your inner power. Mindfulness is a practice to fully enjoy the power of “here and now”.

Paola is an unwavering Mindfulness lover and is keen to guide you into this transformative experience. You will enjoy a warm hearted approach to the sessions. 

The Space of Wisdom is a safe space where you are going to share the sensations of your journey.  We are going to have a space for reflection and feedback where I am going to guide you with some tools in between sessions to awaken your power within.

Please, fill the form below and I’ll get back to you in a very short time.

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