Meaningful Weekend

I  felt lucky to have had a chance to connect with Anita, amazing creator of the Teachers Teach Teachers group. I had a brilliant time during the interview on instagram back in September. What a special one.
The Meaningful weekend event is in my diary and I really look forward to it.
I can see there is also some Mindfulness and I am so curious to explore…
Here are the tracks, a description of the event and a link to the programme.
It is impressive. I feel spoilt for choice and I look forward to seeing you there!

#TTT_Meaningfulweekend is back and ready!

We’ve published the full programme with names of talks, abstracts and short info about speakers. We have to be sneaky to not reveal their personalities, so the most obvious facts about our speakers isn’t there.

You can find the programme here:

Every day of the conference there will be 4 tracks running at the same time. You can check the schedule on the website above.

There are 5 tracks altogether:
– Teacher-centered track (how teachers learn, professional development, skills we need, etc.)
– Learner-centered track (different ages, contexts, and needs)
– Language-centered track (lexical approach and different languages, linguistics)
– Tools and techniques tracks (teachers just love tools and there are so many to share)
– Experiences and sharing track (teaching experiments and research)

Study the programme! It’s absolutely fantastic and shows the wide range of modern ELT talks. Join us on February 6 and 7!

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